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Our ranks

/u/magicpracticalflame – the original ShittyCrossposter and a benevolent ruler. His mission is to boldly seek out new ShittySysadmins and ShittySysadmin practices in /r/sysadmin where no man has gone before! If imbued with enough alcohol he writes beautiful ShittySysadmin poetry.

/u/Superb_Raccoon – his super power raccoon skills find the best trashy quality /r/sysadmin posts to crosspost. He is was rumoured to have been the sysadmin for Raccoon city municipality, but no after the zombie uprising the only thing anyone has heard from him is his shitty crossposts on reddit.

/u/sememva – always has some great advice: how to use the hosts file, which software version to use and even how to deal with layer 8 issues. His decades of experience comes from consuming BOFH and other substances. His guiding principles are lulz an giggles.

/u/hakkensha – the wannabe moderator that tries to buy his way into the ShittySysadmin ranks. Is unofficially responsible for finding new recruits. Likes LOTR and smoky whiskey.

/u/[%username%]/ – you can be a true ShittySysadmin and might not know it! It may take years until you realize that you are a ShittySysadmin. It may involve the 5 stages of grief and a bottle of alcohol, but in the end you will find your true self and join us.

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